Here you can find a list of other things I have done online, but in a different media (talks/workshops, videos, podcasts, etc…).

  • Genetic Algorithms With José Diogo Viana - EMx 211
    I joined the show to talk about, Genetic Algorithms to optimize an Asset Portfolio and a bit about what we do at Finiam. Check Top End Devs page for the full description and links.
    [Mar 2023]


  • Neo4j Live - An Ethereum Network Explorer
    I was invited to talk about a side project in a Neo4j Live (a live stream hosted by Neo4j in their socials). You can check the video below.
    [Oct 2022]



  • Software Testing Workshop (Elixir)
    A workshop with José Resende also from finiam. This workshop was for participants in the CeSIUM Summer Camp. (Video in portuguese only.)
    [Jul 2022]